Songwriter, vocals & guitar

Ever since he discovered the album «White Light White Heat White Trash» at the age of 10, he’s been a die hard fan of Mike Ness and Social Distortion. He’s even got the album cover, a couple of portraits of Mike and some of his lyrics inked on his arms. So yeah, he’s a fan allright! Esben is also hugely influenced by irish folk, 60’s, funk, raggae and all kinds of rock and metal. His love for the written word began in his early teens and he has been writing songs in different genres ever since.

Other current acts: Sanndrømt, Esben Meyer & Eightysix

Artists/bands of inspiration: Mike Ness & Social Distortion, David Gilmour & Pink Floyd, Insomnium, Pantera, Slayer, Avantasia, Rancid, CCR, Steve Earle & Vito Bratta of White Lion

Favourite song: The Conjurer by Insomnium

Favourite album: Close call between White Light White Heat White Trash by Social Distortion and The Division Bell by Pink Floyd

All-time favourite instrument: My ’82 Aria Pro II Les Paul. And I got a thing for bagpipes

Favourite movie: True Romance

Favourite tv-show: Game Of Thrones

Favourite actor: Woody Harrelson

Favourite comedian: Ricky Gervais

Dream car: ’57 Chevy Bel Air in Larkspur blue. Work of art

Sports: Football (Soccer)

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi. Addicted, more or less

Apple or Android? Apple all the way

Mountains or sea? Mountains are magnificent to look at, but nothing can beat the calmness the sea gives me

Plan ahead or wing it? Prefer planning ahead, but way too often I end up wingin’ it

Guilty pleasure: All foods that are unhealthy. And wearing tank tops and Hawaiian shirts



When asked about what his inspirations and favourite bands are; ”Man! This is hard…I’m so inspired that i don’t even know the name of any bass players. I have ridiciously little knowledge about any bands. I Guess I’m just inspired by songs regardless of who’s playing». After a quick google-search he decided that John Entwistle from The Who, Justin Chancellor from Tool and Steve Harris from Iron Maiden was worth mentioning (Actually he didn’t have to Google Steve Harris). And after this section was launched on the world wide web he wanted to add some bands to the list as well. Great talent, great guy and the most laidback dude you’ll ever meet.

Other current acts: Few Dollars More

Artists/bands of inspiration: Gåte, Madrugada, Tool, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd

Favourite song: High Hopes by Pink Floyd

Favourite album: The Boatman’s Call by Nick Cave

All-time favourite instrument: Piano

Favourite movie: Lord Of The Rings-trilogy

Favourite tv-show: Breaking Bad

Favourite actor: Tom Hardy

Favourite comedian: Jimmy Carr

Dream car: Jeep

Sports: Climbing

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

Apple or Android? Android

Mountains or sea? Mountains

Plan ahead or wing it? Wing it

Guilty pleasure: Karaoke


Lead guitar

This guy got 7 years of musical education on his back, immense talent and lots of experience despite of his young age. Guitar teacher, backline tech, musical director and he even knows Spanish. His dad and his neighbour Sputnik (a well known Norwegian musician) got him into music when he was just a kid. He has specialized himself in Jazz music but he’s also hugely inspired by Lars Håvard Haugen of the Norwegian country-rock band Hellbillies wich has given him an amazing versatility.

Other current acts: Byting, Soft Punch, Carlisle Sienes, Sondre Gautefald Quintet

Artists/bands of inspiration: Hellbillies, Brad Paisley and Big Bang

Favourite song: A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

Favourite album: Hysteria by Def Leppard

All-time favourite instrument: Hammond B3 / C3 with Leslie tube-amp

Favourite movie: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Favourite tv-show: Game Of Thrones

Favourite actor: Matthew McConaughey

Favourite comedian: Morten Ramm

Dream car: Chevy Camaro

Sports: Alpine skiing

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

Apple or Android? Apple

Mountains or sea? Mountains

Plan ahead or wing it? Wing it

Guilty pleasure: Lego



Truls is all about the beat, rhythm, groove and catchiness so he has never really had just one favourite artist or band. Like Esben he began listening to punk-rock at an early age and through his junior high years different kinds of metal music caught his ear. He had a soft spot for Norwegian black metal and rocked the stage in his teens together with Esben wearing latex-pants and corpse-paint on their faces. Then he discovered cars and the open road and fell in love HARD with the amazing sound of 90’s country music.

Artists/Bands of inspiration: Metallica, Dream Theater, Tool, Emperor, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Aaron Tippin, Shenandoah, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley & Hellbillies

Favourite song: How’s The Radio Know by Aaron Tippin

Favourite album: Pela Stein by Hellbillies

All-time favourite instrument: My current drums, Gretsch Brooklyn (Grey Oyster)

Favourite movie: Crazy Heart

Favourite tv-show: Seinfeld

Favourite actor: Morgan Freeman

Favourite comedian: Will Ferrell

Dream car: ’55 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing (W198)

Sports: Different kinds of motor racing

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

Apple or Android? Apple

Mountains or sea? Mountains

Plan ahead or wing it? Always wingin’ it

Guilty pleasure: Blue by Reset

Torstein Vesteng Vala

Guitar & keys

If you think you’ve already met the guy with the biggest smile in the whole world, then think again! That guy is without a shred of doubt Torstein. He’s a very versatile guitarist and an excellent pianist who simply gets inspired by the joy of playing music in front of a crowd. Jimi Hendrix and Alvin Lee from Ten Years After got him into playing the guitar and Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson inspired him to try out the piano. Torstein joined the band in 2020 after being Wild Whens’ sound guy for a couple of years.

Other current acts: Lady-T Band

Artists/bands of inspiration: Cory Wong, Jimi Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Rick Davies & Roger Hodgson

Favourite song: Coming Up by Paul McCartney

Favourite album: Closing Time by Tom Waits

All-time favourite instrument: Fender Jazzmaster

Favourite movie: Lord Of The Rings

Favourite tv-show: The Wire

Favourite actor: Larry David

Favourite comedian: Norm McDonald

Dream car: ’57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

Sports: MotoGP

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

Apple or Android? Android

Mountains or sea? Mountains

Plan ahead or wing it? Plan ahead

Guilty pleasure: Slapstick